2019 January Meeting

NEOWTA January 15, 2019

Meet Mike Hunter

Mike Hunter

I grew up around the wood shop.  My Father had a home workshop and he always had the three boys down in the shop hammering away at something.  I still have the child’s rocking chair that was re-enforced with nails that I hammered in around age 5.

One of the first Hunter Tool sales was sold from a cardboard box at a Woodturning Symposium swap meet in Mesa, Arizona.  That customer turned out to be an editor of a magazine who soon published an article about the tools.

Since then, Hunter Tool Company is known  as an outstanding tool supplier of tools for hollowing work.  There are many variations and sizes of tools to suit the variety of woodturning work that we all do.

My work is a variety of hollow forms, but I always go back to making boxes, small hollow forms, and Christmas ornament globes.  Then just the opposite is that I enjoy making salad bowls and popcorn bowls for close friends and family.  The latest Woodturner is my Grandson Liam who enjoys working around the wood shop.

What is the Hunter Tool?

The Hunter Tool uses a very fine grain of carbide specifically engineered to meet the sharp tooling requirements demanded by the woodturning community. While proficient in rough turning operations, Hunter Tools excel best when used as a finishing tool for final shaping and the light finish cuts. Often the tedious sanding operations are either eliminated or greatly reduced.

The heart of the Hunter Tool is a circular structured carbide cutter that lasts up to 100 times longer than similar high-speed steel cutters. The Hunter Cutter does not require sharpening; when dull, simply rotate the cutter to a new cutting edge. When the cutter is rotated all 360 degrees, then simply replace the cutter with a new tip.

Woodturners have not seen any revolutionary tools available in the woodturning market. For the past 300 years or more, they have been using high-speed steel tooling. With today’s newer, more stable and faster machines, Hunter Tool Company is providing the tools needed to enhance the woodturners tool selection.

The Hunter carbide lathe tools can be ordered either with a wood turned wood handle or without handles. The manufactured handles are very popular and all of the carbide lathe tools have standard shanks to fit these readily available handles. The Hunter carbide lathe tools are very popular with the captured hollowing systems and will retrofit into most of the popular systems.