2020 Tulsa State Fair

Tulsa State Fair
October 1st – 11th, 2020

NEOWTA members.

We are going to have a booth at the TULSA STATE FAIR!

This booth will have an area with lathes for demonstrations and an area for actual turned work.

This is what is needed:

1. Lots of wonderful wood turnings to show and sell – these need to be provided by you, our members. If the price is less than $20, the proceeds are all yours. This is to encourage a whole bunch of relatively inexpensive things. (We also hope that you will make a donation to the club a part of your proceeds – but it is not absolutely necessary.) If the price is above $20, you will receive 65% of the proceeds with the remaining 35% going to the association treasury. We need to have some tops to give away to the kids. For the items that you will bring we will need a list and the price is that you are asking. These will need to be brought to the September 19th regular meeting of the association. Your initials and the price will be placed on a removable sticker on the bottom of the piece.

2. Lots of NEOWTA volunteers to help with meet and greet, demo turning, and recording sales (using SQUARE). A special page has been set up so that you can see which time slots need to be filled for which kind of help. To volunteer for a job in a time slot, send an email to Betty Zumwalt telling her which day, which job, what time that you will be available to volunteer. We will update these tables on a daily basis.

3. Lots and lots of TOPS to pass out to the children who visit our booth. You can turn in your TOPS at our monthly meetings or bring them with you to the Tulsa State Fair when you are working. We will also have a couple of lathes available at the booth so you can turn TOPS or work on a project so others can watch!

We hope to make this booth a success again this year. We expect returning visitors to this annual event. People in the Tulsa and surrounding communities can see the things that the NEOWTA members make and look forward to buying that Mother’s day, Graduation or Birthday gift. We hope that it will provide a growing revenue stream both for our members and for our association.

For more information about the Tulsa State Fair, click here!