Meg Williams

Meg Williams - Pyrography Class

This class does not include any Woodturning.

Students cost is $110/day.

Students are asked to have a small platter (7-8 inches) already turned ready to wood-burn on.

Topics to be covered:
Choosing the right pen.
Creating consistent values.
Shading & Texturing  techniques.
How to select suitable material for pyrography.
Proper maintenance of pyrography gear.
Sources of inspiration for creating designs.
How to transfer design to the workpiece.

Class outline;
- Burners and maintenance.  
- Other useful tools. (Included in a list below, they should bring them.)
- The different pens. (They should bring what they already have, plus order the suggested below.)
-  How to choose the right pen for the design.
  - Practice with these techniques...
     - Stippling
     - Shading
     - Line value
     - Texturing
     - 3D effects
- Design inspiration.
- Design planning. (I will bring some designs but they will be given an overnight opportunity to find something else if they want to)
- Design application.
- How to apply finish to burned designs.
Pens to bring for class:
small round skew
extra small round skew (optional... for the detail oriented)
1/32" ball tip pen
1.5 mm ball tip pen
Encourage participants to also bring what they already have I can help them learn to uses them.
Other useful tools:
Walnut Hollow graphite transfer paper. (This is a must and can be ordered through Craft Supplies) 
small wire brush (art or craft store typically in the wood section)
new firm toothbrush (drug or grocery store)
clear bendable rulers (art or craft store, typically in the fine art section)
compass or circle templates (art or craft store, typically in the fine art or 'drafting' section)
2+ pencils (mechanical or regular wooden, soft #2 led, art or craft store)
large white art erasers (must be white!! art or craft store)
I will bring:
tissue paper
designs (I have about 100 different designs in different sizes)

Past Students Work