Learn to Turn

Learn to Turn

Beginning Turning Classes

We have a maximum of 8 and a minimum of 5 students per class. You will receive a lot of individual attention. Classes will be populated on a first come first served basis.  Send an email to Dwayne Watt to obtain more information.

Outline of classes

Class 1

Introduction to the Lathe, Personal Safety Techniques, Equipment, Tools, Holding Tools, Body Position, Habits.

Learning to cut small beads and coves.

Tools: Roughing Gouge, Parting tool, 3/8” Spindle Gouge or 3/8”, Bowl Gouge.

Project: Beads & Coves

Class 2

Review of Safe Procedures, Holding tools, Body Position.

Cutting larger, smoother, beads and coves. Making a tenon to fit a Chuck.

Tools: Roughing Gouge, Parting Tool, 3/8 or 1/2” Spindle or Bowl Gouges.

Projects: Make a Christmas Tree. Make a dibbler (or dibble if your prefer).

Class 3

Review of Safe Procedures

Platter design, shaping, making smooth cuts.

Practice Turning; Small vase “Dry Weed Pot”.

Tools: Same as Class 1 and 2 + round nose or bowl scraper (if you have one).

Project: Make a small platter—additional methods to attach wood to the lathe.

Class 4

Review of Safety. Review of cuts.

Turning a Small bowl from green wood.

Class Evaluations.

How to join the class

1. You must be a member of NEOWTA to take the classes.
For 2019 the membership dues are $55 for the first family member plus $35 for each other in the immediate family (spouse and children)

2. We will have four classes on successive Thursdays or Sundays as the case may be. (To allow you time to practice!)

3. The cost for the classes is $35 each. This is very inexpensive as wood turning classes go. The full cost of $140 is payable before the beginning of the first class.

4. People who have taken the class previously have appreciated the instructors and the feeling of confidence that they gained from the experience. Even if you have some self taught experience, it is likely that you will benefit from this class because you will benefit from not needing to make all the mistakes yourself.

5. All classes are in the NEOWTA (heated and air-conditioned!) classroom at 10117 E 50th St in Tulsa using one of our full sized lathes. All wood, tools, and equipment required for the class will be furnished--even sandpaper! But you are invited to bring your own face shield and tools if you wish. If you do not have tools, please do not buy them before the first class.

6. Each class is approximately 3 to 4 hours in duration.

7. The instructors are experienced and will demonstrate each step prior to student practice.

8. Safety is emphasized throughout all classes. We want you to go home with something that you made, not a lump or cut!

9. Students are expected to clean up their work stations at the end of each class.

10. We have been using the same basic curriculum for the past 4 years but our teaching techniques continue to evolve and improve based on feedback from previous students. We want you to be comfortable and we want you to learn.

Contact Dwayne Watt

if you are interested in this class.