2020 – Show Us Your Work

2020 – Show Us Your Work

Russel Green  – The bowl is 9″ in diameter and 4 1/2″ deep with a 5/32″ wall and bottom, thanks to my gauges. It was a very difficult piece. 

 Mickey Curtis – Yarn Bowl, Redwood. Turned Cross – First attempt. Mallet.


Betty Zumwalt – Playing with Carver, Walnut Bowl with stand, Finally turned the Burl.


Arnold Mundt – Maple and Walnut Urn. The threads were made from plastic plumbing fittings. Includes a JADE ring mounted on top.

 Jerry Robertson – Four pieces with hidden seams makes twelve different designs.

Collette Lemons – The light wood is spalted maple and the dark is walnut. The ring around the base is copper and turquoise.