Open Season on Wood at NEOWTA

Published: April 29, 2019

Bring your saws, trucks, trailers, or wagons.  All the wood in the yard is free for the taking. 
Please come and take all you want.
We need to clear it out. If you need help cutting,  text Joe at 918-812-0758 and we will see about scheduling a day to help.

Newly cut maple, closest to the back of the yard.

Older cut maple, most have figure in it.

Walnut in the middle of yard.

Carbatec Mini Lathe

Published: April 30, 2019

I have an old mini lathe that belonged to my dad. I used it in the past but replaced it with a little bigger mini lathe from Woodcraft so have found that I no longer use the little one. I was hoping my grandkids would show interest but am giving up on that. I would like to give it to someone that could use it to start a kid or something. I started cleaning it but needs a deep cleaning and I will do that if someone wants it. It is mounted on a large plywood box with a slot to catch sawdust. It still works. If you know of anyone I can send pics but wanted to get a little cleaner first.

Jane Konkler (I am not a member but only because I live so far from town)


Powermatic 3520

Published: April 28, 2019

I have a Powermatic 3520 lathe for sale.
It is a 1999 model 2hp still working great.
I am asking $2000.00 for the lathe.
There are two robust tool rest 6” and 12”, 3 Powermatic tool rest.
Phone service is sketchy please leave a voicemail.
- Steve Law